Joggers bounce up and down at stoplights-Runners just stand there looking pissed.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

OC Full Marathon-Round 2

So we are running the OC Marathon...again. We are 26.2 miles crazy. Got our rooms booked, we're all registered, our bibs are customized, we have our newly formed blisters from "training"...we're ready to go. The bummer part about all of it is that our dear Martha (the reason we were running this 2nd marathon to begin with) was in a car accident and now will not be able to run with us! Such a bummer! I suggested pushing her in a wheelchair the whole 26.2 miles so she can still finish it but I guess we shall see what transpires.
I'm a little excited to do it just to be able to say I've done TWO FULL MARATHONS...but at the same time I'm already kind of over it. I've been having terrible luck with my shoes lately and my feet are BROKEN. Literally broken. My ankles hurt, the whole heel and palm of both my feet have turned into one huge blister, AND I'm having internal joint pain in them too. Not sure whats been going on but it's sure not a fun time.
The last few runs at the riverbed have been so hot I've gotten sunburned and eaten a few bugs too. I did however take my dog with me on the 10 miler and that was a fun experience. She did so great I think Im gonna take her again. I'll post a pic for sure because my dog is the cutest thing in America. She got compliments too. I was a proud runner dog mom!
I havent blogged in such a long time. I've since run a lot of new half marathons. I've done the OC half, the Long Beach half, the Huntington Beach half, & the Tinkerbell half. I got that treasured Beach Cities Challenge medal that I set out to get and its displayed proudly on my new medal holder :-)  Also, I had my best finish time ever on the Tinkerbell half marathon @ 2 hours 55 mins. The funnest run ever because I got to go the whole way with my BFF Meg. Oh how I love her. She truly is my favorite. I'm trying so hard to reform her competitive running into "fun" running. Slightly unsuccessful so far but its getting there slowly. All I know is I enjoy running with her and I'm finished being afraid of it hahaha
Coming up soon, we have another mud run 5k, oc full, color run, and then nothing until MAYBE the Las Vegas half marathon. And that's a big maybe. It would be fun, but I told myself I would do less this year and so far I havent stayed true to that. AGH. I need a new form of cardio. Swimming maybe? But I'm dreadful in a bathing suit so probably NO.
Oh well. There's a running update. Keep on truckin.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I think I have this...

Courtesy of WebMD:

Many athletes get shin splints -- also called tibial stress syndrome -- at one time or another. Whether you jog daily or just had to sprint to catch a bus one day, you may have shin splints when you feel throbbing and aching in your shins. While they often heal on their own, severe shin splints can ruin your game.
Shin splints aren't really a single medical condition. Instead, they're just a symptom of an underlying problem. They might be caused by:
  • Irritated and swollen muscles, often caused by overuse.
  • Stress fractures, which are tiny, hairline breaks in the lower leg bones.
  • Overpronation or ''flat feet" -- when the impact of a step causes the arch of your foot to collapse, stretching the muscles and tendons.
runner standing on track
Shin splints are very common. They're the cause of 13% of all running injuries. Runners might get them after ramping up their workout intensity, or changing the surface they run on -- like shifting from a dirt path to asphalt. Shin splints are also common in dancers.

What Do Shin Splints Feel Like?

Shin splints cause dull, aching pain in the front of the lower leg. Some people feel it only during exercise; others, when they've stopped exercising. Sometimes, the pain is constant.
Depending on the exact cause, the pain may be located along either side of the shinbone or in the muscles. The area may be painful to the touch. Swollen muscles can sometimes irritate the nerves in the feet, causing them to feel weak or numb.
To diagnose shin splints, your doctor will give you a thorough physical exam. He or she may want to see you run to look for problems. You may also need X-rays or bone scans to look for fractures. Other tests are sometimes necessary.


Monday, July 23, 2012

New Goals

All I want is to be able to run without my fat thighs getting sweaty and sticking together the whole time I run.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6 miles and 16 days into the 30 day challenge

Last Sat I had to run 6 miles. I did the entire thing on the treadmill. I think I can maybe make it to 7 miles on the treadmill but any higher mile runs after that are going to have to be done on the trail with the girls. I might shoot myself if I have to be running like a hamster without going anywhere for an hour and a half.

I lost 1 more pound on my weight in yesterday. Yahoo! Better than gaining. Last night I had my fastest 1.5 miles yet clocking in at 16:56. Maybe it helped that it wasn’t 105 degrees outside. I’m really getting quite excited thinking about this Las Vegas b-day weekend half marathon. Its more than a year away but I am super excited about it. They need to post the date for it so I can make a countdown. I’m half tempted to just do it THIS year but that would be FAR too many marathons in one year. No thanks. But honestly if I won the lottery and had money I probably would.  Oh marathons you rob me of my inheritance…On a random tangent-I took up painting. And I’m making something creative that has to do with running. No hints until it’s finished. Then I will post pictures. And you will be jealous. Go me. J

Friday, July 13, 2012

30 Day Challenge-Part 2

Night walks

I have a fat dog. I’m not saying this to be mean; she is honestly obese. I worry about her health. And on top of being obese she has anxiety issues. So yesterday after work I took her over to my sister’s house so we could all go on a walk together. I figured I need to break her in to enjoying car rides and get her big jelly butt moving on an adventure walk. Separating her from her 2 older sisters is half the battle anyways. The car ride was a tough one. You would think someone had beaten her or something by the way she was shaking and panting. Poor baby. But we made it there and we all walked. And she even ran a little. Impressive. We clocked in approximately 1 total mile and she probably could have gone farther.
We’re going to do this again one night next week as well. I’m debating taking 2 dogs next week. I know my dogs need walking everyday but honestly it just doesn’t happen-mainly because I’m afraid of walking around my neighborhood alone with them. I’ve tried several times before and had creepos watching/following us and also had several loose dogs run up on us which scares the heck out of me. So until I get pepper spray, a shank, a gun, or move to a safer neighborhood, the walks for my puppies aren’t going to happen. On top of that little road trip escapade I also did my 30 day challenge of 1.5 miles.
Go me. I’m tired. I’m glad it’s Friday today. I’m thankful for my mom. J